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Here are some of the ongoing projects we are committed to across the globe:

Image by Annie Spratt


Supporting the African communities in need, we have built schools to provide access to education in Sierra Leone: Lunsar, Kenema, Lungi, and The Gambia: Serekunda.

Water Filtration

Through well-digging and filtration systems we are able to help provide the people of Sierra Leone- Freetown and Lunsar, West Africa with clean drinking water.  This is an opportunity for evangelism as churches share not only physical water with their community, but the invitation for living water through Jesus Christ.

Image by Liz Martin

Humanitarian Relief

We provide medical and food supplies to areas in need including: Mexico, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Guatemala, Colombia, the Philippines, Israel, and the United States. We have also sent containers to Sierra Leone, The Gambia, and Guatemala.


We have worked to acquire the land and construct Churches  in the Sierra Leone cities of Kenema, Makeni, Lunsar, and Waterloo. God has blessed these churches with God-fearing pastors who love and serve their communities whole heartedly.

Image by Annie Spratt

Feeding Programs 

The incorporation of feeding programs has significantly enhanced our mission. In partnership with World Central Kitchen, we've fed over 10,000 people in Columbia alone. 

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