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Our Story 


In 1998, our first mission went to The Gambia, Western Africa. The needs of the people were immediately clear, but their warmth and appreciation transcended their suffering. 

The impact made on our hearts was tremendous and solidified a bond and subsequent lifelong relationship with the African people. 

Since then, LMM - along with various partners - has organized medical missions around the world. 

Our Board

Support Staff 

Our Mission

Our Mission

Through Lighthouse Medical Missions,

we bring the love of God to those

suffering across the world.

Our teams consist of volunteers who help heal and care for those in need through medical treatment and the Gospel of Christ.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a vessel of God, providing aid to those living in poverty and crisis, with the hope that our work will bring light to the world; and thus, fulfilling Jesus' words "come to [Him] all who are weary and burdened and [God] will give you rest."

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